Friday, January 20, 2017

Lucy and Linh by Alice Pung

by Mrs. Hanson

I am partial to a well-written mean girl story, and when set in a top shelf private girls school--bonus points! Plus this is set in Australia and I love the Chris Lilley TV series "Jamee, Private School Girl." More bonus points! It also reminds me of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie because it features a deliciously evil clique (of course they are the prefects) who rule by sneaky long term terror operations against students and faculty. How many bonus points can one book get?

Lucy wins the first scholarship for Laurinda school, and commutes every day from her working class suburb of Melbourne (Australia). The daughter of a seamstress and a supermarket clerk whose childhoods were transformed by the Vietnam War, she is fascinated by and attracted to the wealth, self-confidence and polish of her new peers. She is also repelled by the violence, anger, and bullying underneath this beautiful veneer. Her politics teacher explains that politics is the study of people and power, and that is what Lucy does.

Bravo Alice Pung. Now I have to read all your other books!

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