Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams

by Cassie Shao

Tennessee Williams is a accomplished playwright who wrote many well-known plays, one of which is this play--A Streetcar Named Desire. As I was reading the play, Williams's vivid stage directions allowed me to fully picture the setting. While the lines are well-written, I personally think that the true beauty lies within the stage directions. Throughout the play, Williams creatively uses the jazz and blues tunes played by the band on the street to enhance the mood of each scene, which I think is rather unique.

What makes this play a 5 star rating overall, are its precise language and its meaningful plot. It's a play that's unlike anything you've ever read. Once you pick it up, you will yearn to find out more and thus will never be able to put it down. Even when you finish it, its not-so-straightforward ending will make your brain lingering around. A Streetcar Named Desire is truly one of a kind.

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