Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

by Vincent Dong

This book was a heartwarming novel about two cancer patients. It is a great read for people who enjoy romance, with bits of comedy here and there. I really enjoyed having the main character a girl. As a male reader, I usually understand how the guys think and their actions, and nearly all the books I have read so far had male protagonists. Having reading a novel with Hazel Grace Lancaster (female main character) was refreshing to me, and this experience was nothing like the other books I have read. 

This books tackles the difficulties of being a cancer patient. Hazel herself is diagnosed with cancer, along with other characters in the novel including Augustus Waters, a boy who Hazel has a crush on. Hazel has to live life in fear of her demise, but this is not the main cause of her stress. She is scared for the people around her like her parents, due to the amount of paint and suffering her parents would obtain if she passes away. She compares herself to a grenade, which can explode at any minute, hurting the people around it. Her ambiguous future is the cause for her reluctance to begin a love relationship with Augustus. 

This book is a definite read for romance lovers, who also enjoy comedy as well. It is very modernized, and the way Hazel and the other characters act is very similar to teenagers nowadays. If you want a lovely book that may make you laugh and cry, this is the perfect book for you.

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