Wednesday, January 20, 2016

All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

by Isabella Laufer

All The Light We Can Not See is intriguing and exciting historical fiction that takes place during the Holocaust. It follows the story of a young French girl named Marie Laure. At the same time a different story unfolds from the point of view of a German orphan named Werner,  and we trace each of their very different but similar journeys through the war. The point of view switches from chapter to chapter making you think about each one and the comparisons that can be found. The book has a unique tone due to the constant switching of narration from the perspective of these two main characters in addition to other important characters. This makes for an interesting story because the reader is immersed in the points of view of both sides of the war. The novel is intertwined with love, heartbreak, joy, catastrophe, and many twists and turns. Regardless of what aspect of the war they are on, you can relate to each main character, feeling what they feel at every moment.

I recommend this to anyone who likes a suspenseful novel that has a touching story and a historical aspect to it as well. The book itself has gotten rave reviews and has won multiple awards and it deserves every one! I flew through the book even though it was long. I think that this book is perfectly relevant and acceptable for any age. Teenagers and adults alike can appreciate this book regardless of a background knowledge of the war and what went on. While reading, I actually learned things about the war and Holocaust in a way that was exciting and in no way dry or boring. Although it was fiction, the story seemed real. Even though the main characters are in extreme situations, certain parts of their lives and feelings are still interesting and relatable. I would suggest this book to anyone as a great read and it very much lives up the the reputation!

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