Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Woman Who Walked Into Doors by Roddy Doyle

by Caitlyn Tellier

In The Woman Who Walked Into Doors, Paula Spencer is a young Irish woman who recounts her memories of when she was younger. The novel begins when she receives news from police officers of her husband’s death. 

Miss Spencer then begins to recall her childhood as well as her teenage years. She describes the harassment she endured during her childhood along with the lack of expectations people held for her. Although Paula does not seem think that her past has affected her, it certainly foreshadows her future. Miss Spencer not only struggles with an abusive husband, but she turns to alcohol when trying to deal with her problems. 

Doyle does a great job keeping the reader emotionally involved in the book. The book contained some very intense issues, which one would not often experience. Doyle managed to add certain lines and a few scenes in the text to lighten the mood. Although some readers will not be able to relate to a lot of the issues in the book, most will be able to relate to many of the underlying messages.

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