Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Other Boleyn Girl by Phillipa Gregory

by Kamina Nixon-Townsend

I truly enjoyed reading this book not only because it's one of my favorite genre, historical fiction, but because of how likable Gregory makes the protagonists, sisters Mary and Anne Boleyn. Although the story is set in the Tudor reign of England, I felt as if the story could have taken place in modern times. This is due to its themes of sibling rivalry, obeying your parents' wishes, and falling in love with someone of different social standing. I think these common experiences help make the book relatable and enjoyable to read.

I really like how Gregory took the time to give each of her characters a genuine voice and an authentic personality while maintaining a realistic historical perspective. I was able to form a connection with all the characters, even the ones who were undeserving of affection, like ambition-crazed Anne and ruthless King Henry. 

I recommend this book to someone who likes reading historical fiction and doesn't mind reading from a female perspective. I give it a five star rating for its entertaining plot story and unique twist on a major historical event. However, while it is a good read, sometimes it is too romanticized. Other than that, the amazing character development, exciting imagery and compelling story make this a definite page turner!

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