Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

by Maurice Blake

The Kite Runner is a very well written novel that gives insight into the struggles faced by two boys. While addressing serious issues, the author is able to tap into the truths of human nature. After winning a kite running event, one of the boys is forced to give the trophy to a few bullies. After resisting this boy is penetrated by these bullies while the best friend of the boy watches. This presents two serious problems and the reactions that follow relate to real life situations.

The author is able to fully portray the difficulties of dealing with the problems that occur in this book. After the incident turmoil reigns in the lives of the boys. The fact that they are dealing with this at a young age also plays a big role into the chaos that ensues. The immaturity mixed with the seriousness of this problems allows things to fall apart quickly. The author fully portrays human nature in a bad situation.

I recommend this book to others because it is very interesting. I didn't give it a 5 because it's not the best book I've ever read, but it's still something to look forward to. I hope others enjoy this book as much as I did.

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