Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Lucy by Jamaica Kincaid

by Michaela O'Laughlin

This is a great and easy read. It sheds light on cultural diversity and how challenging it can be to experience a new culture.

Lucy is a young adult, almost 20 years old, with a dream to leave her little Caribbean home. Her dream is quickly achieved as she goes to America in search of an education. She becomes a nanny during the day for a wealthy family and attends school at night. She learns very quickly how different America is from her home and it turns out to be not what she expected.

Soon after her arrival to the States she feels extremely unwelcome and gets very homesick. She experiences culture shock and yearns for all the things at home she misses. Her character begins to show through this and it becomes evident that she is not materialistic at all and prefers simplicity and kind people to an elaborate and unhappy life. 

Read this book to discover Lucy's journey and the sacrifices she is willing to make in order to get an American education.

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