Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Carrier of the Mark by Leigh Fallon

by Olivia Meikle

In Carrier of the Mark, readers follow Megan as she transitions to a new life in Kinsale Ireland; the good, the bad and the even better. Megan's move was effortless, as she immediately makes friends with Caitlyn and Jennifer and is intrigued by a boy named Adam DeRis. She lives with her father, with whom she has a very close relationship ever since her mother passed away in a car crash when she was six. 

Adam is immediately drawn to Megan and Megan is doesn't understand why. She comes to realize that he is interested in her when he confesses that she is "the carrier of the mark." The carrier of the mark is one of the four “elements” that take human form in each generation (Air, Water, Fire, Earth). Adam is another element so that is why he is so attracted to her. Fionn, the DeRises' guardian, says that they must participate in a ceremony that would in turn create peace for the world. 

This back and forth between romance and mystical world create a good story and one that is engaging for all audiences. There is a fluidity between the pages and the characters. All the characters are very interesting and complex. I really liked this book because for me, I love cheesy love movies and stories and this was somewhat similar but also had a plot that was different and out of the ordinary. 

I recommend this book to anyone who shares my fondness for romantic stories as well as people who enjoy mysteries and science fiction!

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