Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Brida by Paulo Coelho

by Jen Howard

I found Brida by Paulo Coelho to be a little slow moving, but engaging. The book explores the unseen things in the world and the reasons for them. It also explores the different parts of being a human: feelings, faith, and family.

I was able to relate to the book through some of the questions that Brida raises while exploring the world of magic. The questions Brida raises are many of the same questions that young adults are exploring themselves whether they are playing with magic or not. 

Some of the questions that Brida explores are: how do I know who my soulmate is? Are people reincarnated from other people? What happens after death? What does being human mean? What is religion? Which religion do I believe? I liked how the author leaves the reader lots of room to interpret the answers to these questions. 

The lessons that the readers learn are told in a very creative way, most often through a memory Brida has from her childhood. It is more engaging for the reader to learn about lessons through a story from a character instead of being told in a straight forward fashion. However, I did find the flipping back and fourth between Brida and her visions to be a little confusing and abrupt. I found the events that occurred in Brida’s visions to be mostly unrelated to the rest of the book and what Brida was doing. 

I also thought that the book was a little to centered around God, but that is part of the Irish culture. The book does not give a lot of context about the culture in Ireland during the time when the book is taking place. This makes finding your bearings in the beginning of the book challenging.

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