Tuesday, January 13, 2015

In Cold Blood by Truman Capote

by Nick Camp

I really liked this book because not only was it a mystery (my favorite genre) but it also was a true story, which made it much more interesting. Also, the way the story of the murder mystery worked was very new to me, as the author chose to tell the story differently than your typical story. In this book, you found out who the murders were very early in the story, making one wonder, what kind of mystery is this? The real thrill of the book is following the detectives as they hunt for clues as to who did it, because they don't know, as well as following the killers themselves and looking into the minds of the murderers to really understand how they were feeling, their motivations, and their plans.

The story is filled with real people being quoted, as the author actually went to the town where the murder took place and talked to the townspeople, getting their side of the story. The author also was able to get the murderer's side of the story, which allowed for the author to write the book in the way he did. The way Capote did his research for his book meant that this book was able to document a national news story while at the same time write a thrilling story where you find out what mistakes were made and what clues were found in order to catch the killers, making this book one of my top five.

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