Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Five Days At Memorial by Sheri Fink

by Alexandra Barry

This is one of the most gripping accounts of a natural disaster I have ever read. I loved that the book tackled a controversial issue of assisted suicide and lack of preparation when emergency hits. Hurricane Katrina will always be remembered by the shocking footage of people standing on the roofs of their houses waving for help, but perhaps the most controversial news of Katrina was the scandal of Memorial Hospital. The nation went into a frenzy after allegations of murder went public against three of the hospital's doctors. Five Days At Memorial is a riveting account that shows the many different sides of a story and exposes the true air of desperation at Memorial during the week Katrina hit.

This book didn't remind me of any other book I had ever read before, because of its honest and raw portrayal of the thoughts behind the three doctors' actions of lethally injecting patients to aide them into a peaceful death. It is a unique account that shows the opposite side of a scandalous story that was not portrayed by the media. Five Days At Memorial humanizes the doctors at Memorial Hospital and shows their true good intentions to help patients in need. 

I recommend this book to anyone looking for a different story that shines a light on the controversial questions society often asks and who wants to question their own opinions as well as the basis on which they were founded. A must read!

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