Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

by Drew Goulart

Brave New World was honestly incredible. If you are at all interested in books like The Giver, regarding utopian societies and the interesting themes and concepts that come along with them, you will thoroughly enjoy this book. The book was written in 1932 by Englishman Aldous Huxley, a renaissance man of literature who was a playwright, poet, novelist, short story writer, travel writer, essayist, critic, philosopher, mystic, and social prophet. At the time of release the book was not popular because of it's uncensored and radical ideas that did not fully align with the global problems of the time. However his predictions of the future, to many's disbelief, are becoming more and more accurate, and the world that he envisioned six hundred years from now is terrifyingly coming far sooner.

The book is enlightening because it speaks about matters that you will most likely not hear elsewhere. I was completely captivated by his writing, and have never been so eager to reach the end of any other book as I was for this one. (Trust me the ending does not fall short in absolute brilliance!) There is not much else I can say about the book because I truly believe it puts you through a philosophical maze, and I don't want my ideas to interfere with your own discoveries of the meaning of it.

I recommend it to anyone who is interested in philosophy, science, politics and true uncensored uniqueness.

Enjoy it!

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