Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

by Ryan Doorandish

Blink by Malcolm Gladwell dives into the world of your subconscious and rapid cognition. It reveals when and when not to rely on your snap judgments. Gladwell uses many examples from racism to success of married couples as case studies in rapid cognition. Coming in to this book I knew very little about rapid cognition, but after reading this, my future decisions and my worldview will be impacted. 

The main thing that fascinated me about this book was Gladwell’s exploration of racism. Gladwell beautifully explains through statistics and examples that most of us are subconsciously racist. This changed my whole view on racism. People have often put blame on certain people for being racist. Gladwell reveals that this is not necessarily the case. Everyone, to different levels is subconsciously racist based on society’s portrayal of minorities. Therefore it is not important to identify racism, but to fix society’s portrayal of minorities. Readers will definitely be fascinated by Gladwell’s discussion on racism, and if more people have this knowledge than racism will definitely decrease. 

I would highly recommend reading the afterword because it books the entire book into perspective and outlines the lessons of the book. Without the afterword, the book is sort of incomplete, and just lists a bunch of examples without summing them up together. All in all Blink is a fascinating book that will definitely change your view of society.

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